2018 BMW i8 Concept And Rumour

Monday, November 21st, 2016 - BMW
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The BMW i8 was first introduced to the market in 2014 and that will put your main update for model year 2018. This time should new 2018 BMW i8 to make significant changes in the motor section introduction of a hybrid engine more powerful than its predecessor. The new 2018 BMW i8 will be a new charging system battery technology, known as the Halo induction system. This is a wireless system developed by Qualcomm, the BMW partner. The new model 2018 BMW i8 also comes with an improved suspension system and a lightweight carbon fiber wheel mounting material. In general, the i8 be improved redesigned high-tech vehicle, showing the BMW hybrid skills.

When we talk about outside the 2018 BMW i8, the first thing that comes to mind is its construction. Since the company is gunning for the public’s respect for the environment and get publicity, they had to use more aluminum to carbon fiber chassis and for the main body than ever. Furthermore, the overall architecture of the car was adjusted to two things. One of them is the speed and the other is pure genius. The aggressive environment in general, contradicts the notion of what is supposed to respect the cars of the ecosystem look, sound or feel. The futuristic feeling you get when looking at the doors and grill almost makes you feel old.

As for the interior of the 2018 BMW i8, we must keep in mind that no car in this series has not yet been produced, so there is no way of knowing what they will look like inside. However, given the price and class, it is logical to think that the choice of upholstery materials and the dashboard will not be disappointed. We speak of fine leather all the way to the steering wheel. Infotainment, connectivity and other devices will not be neglected either.

The new 2018 BMW i8 is equipped with the same center operated gasoline with the same three-cylinder 1.5-liter displacement. However, this propulsion system is set to provide a 10% increase in power than its predecessor. This traditional performance of food supply unit with an electric motor 10 kWh of capacity. Accordingly, the new 2018 BMW i8 obtain the combined output of 420 horsepower, which is 58 horsepower more than the output power received by the previous model. The new vehicle is also equipped with an upgraded six-speed automatic transmission.

The release date is expected in 2018, but there is no indication as to the exact date. There is no exact price 2018 BMW i8, but previous models were sold for about $ 136,000 for the base version, which should at least give us a price range.

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