2017 Tesla Model S Concept And Rumour

Monday, November 14th, 2016 - Tesla
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Rumors yesterday suggested that 2017 Tesla Model S will soon receive a facelift and higher capacity battery. Now we have confirmation of half of this rumor, as the website now shows Tesla S model with a revised grille end if it is closer to the SUV model X and the recently revealed 3 model.

When you look at 2017 Tesla Model S, Tesla is quite clear not put a lot of time in the development of a new look. What he did, however, improve the existing style, giving it a sportier look. You will realize the same hood and fascia corner opposite. Lighthouses have the same general shape, but the lends itself has changed. Now you have an LED strip describing the upper outer surface of the lens and a LED strip smaller hanging on the top edge. The biggest change is in the form of a redesigned nose. The previous model had a chrome strip that surrounds the nose, but Tesla has removed all together. Instead of having a small screen placed just above the air dam, Tesla integrated vent in the area just under the front hood. The Tesla emblem is still in the middle. With this change, the rest of the dash is smooth, with a single, but slightly larger air dam between the corners of two vents. It should also be noted that the lip on the front fascia now has a dip, further accentuating the air intake. On the sides, you will realize that there is absolutely no change to the body. The 2017 Tesla Model S is offered with four different sets of wheels, starting with the wheels, 10-spoke 19-inch standard Silver Slipstream. Next on the list is a set of 19-inch wheels with 10 spokes cyclone to come at a premium of $ 2,500. For a premium of $ 4500, you can speed 21-inch turbine wheels in gray or silver, also featuring a 10-spoke design. Moving back, there is almost no change to talk about everything. The same rear lights, with the same configuration are present. The chrome strip them with “TESLA” engraved on it the rest. In fact, the only noticeable difference is a small detail of chromium in the bottom of the rear diffuser naturally present in the area which would separate two exhaust pipes, has been 2017 Tesla Model S was designed with one of these engines the dirty gasoline. The 2017 Tesla Model S comes standard with a body-colored roof, but for a premium of $ 1500, you can opt for a panoramic roof all glass. It should be noted that the panoramic roof is needed if you are interested in installing a roof rack. So far in the body color, white solid black and solid are cost options. For an extra $ 1000, you can choose metallic titanium silver metallic midnight Obsidian Black Metallic, Deep Blue metallic or metallic silver. To complete the choices of colors are white coat and multi pearl coat, red, come at a premium of $ 1,500.

Inside, little has changed for the model year 2017. The 2017 Tesla Model S still seems that the massive 17-inch display screen which is used to control almost all functions outside of windows and door locks. The center console has cup holders yet, but it seems that the console has increased slightly, and now has a location in the center, where would the gear lever, if a conventional vehicle. The seats and door panels are identical to the model last year, which is a little disappointing. I hoped bolsters longer dominate in the seat cushions to help keep the driver in place during the transition “Ridiculous.” The biggest change I’ve noticed is that the area of the dashboard in front of the passenger seat now has an insertion adjustment leads flush with the top board. In previous models, this field was lowered and almost acted as a short storage pocket. There are several options available. The first is the premium headliner Alcantara seats and table inside top edge LED lighting package promotions gentle atmosphere, which brings Nappa leather armrests and dashboard, and. Next, you can opt for the package subzero temperatures, which offers seats with heating throughout, heated steering wheel, windshield wipers from freezing, and wash nozzle heater. Finally, there is the ultra high fidelity sound package, which allows for better audio amplifier 12 speakers and a subwoofer. In addition, the system is ready SiriusXMMC the radio.

No word yet on a possible model 100D with a 100 kWh battery for longer range, even if the update page 2017 Tesla Model S shows a wider range of models to P90D and 90D. 90D is the 270 miles to 294 miles, while the high performance P90D is 253 miles to 270 miles.

The 2017 Tesla Model S starts at $ 84,000 before tax credits or options. Climbing the 90D will cost $ 97,000, and P90D will cost $ 117,000. Note that here in the US, there is a tax credit of $ 7,500 available to new buyers, as well as state incentives in California, Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Utah, so the spot price is often a little lower depending on where you live.

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