2017 Ford Mustang Concept And Rumour

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 - Ford
2014 ford mustang v6 horsepower on 2017

Ford car manufacturer is working on its new model namely 2017 Ford Mustang. When it comes to discussing the poster 2017 Ford Mustang is the most attractive among others. In addition, you will find many improvements in the new model. With its new package and features, you are able to enjoy the maximum opportunities in the pipe. This car is an icon in the street while enjoying the comfort behind the wheel. To find many other advantages of the new 2017 Ford Mustang, you confirm how the car is.

2017 Ford Mustang is known for its high rigidity of the body is very strong. Similarly, the 2017 Ford Mustang version will remain even body structure. The model comes with minimal exterior changes compared to the outgoing models. Sport a similar distance between the axes; however, fascia front and rear will have some changes. The new body color is red with a white does resulting in a fascinating profile and a black tone that adds a touch of elegance. The front bumper and grill have been redesigned. The nose is more aggressive and air outlets are wider than the projection patterns. Other features include cover larger and larger exhaust energy than the previous model. At the rear, the vehicle is equipped with quad tailpipes and a corner of the redesigned rear spoiler. The 2017 Ford Mustang will ride on Camo multiple wheels similar to the Shelby GT 500. These wheels complement its exterior charm radios.

Although there is little information on the model of interior features, we expect the 2017 Ford Mustang cabin to offer several new changes. For starters, expect a more spacious cabin. The seats are covered with high quality leather to provide a comfortable ride for all passengers. The steering wheel will feature acoustic control keys. Other standard features include power windows of a sports LCD with MyFord infotainment system and an audio system that is compatible with USB and a variety of external devices. For safety reasons, the vehicle comes with a set of two airbags with an option for more airbags at an additional cost and AWD control system. We’ll tell you more in the Ford-style interior, once more information is.

In terms of engine, the new 2017 Ford Mustang does the job as one of the strongest muscle cars in America. You will find no disappointment at all in this car. This model includes a powerful V8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters. This engine ensures incredible love always experience an American muscle car. This type of engine can produce 435 horsepower with a torque of 399 foot-pounds. You should inspect more information on the engine of a car as it provides people with 3 different options. Each offers the promise quality, with high-efficiency. 2017 Ford Mustang also uses either an automatic or manual 6-speed transmission.

There are no official reports on the 2017 Ford Mustang date or price release. However, the production model is likely to be launched in the second half of 2016 (late June switches model year 2017) and attract a starting price of about $ 22,500. This price could go as high as $ 40,000 for the Mustang GT when all selected option.

2014 ford mustang gt500 on 2017

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