2017 BMW M4 Concept And Rumour

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 - BMW
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Events across the body type coupe model middle class have a dramatic turn recently. goodbye one last month, M3 Coupe will be so even observed an idea of what could be considered the new 2017 BMW M4 coupe, available as accessories M performance for the successor to invest in a new quaternary opinion. And today on this planet is going to open a formal version of the revolutionary 2017 BMW M4.

2017 BMW M4 is available as a coupe and a convertible with two rows of seats. The complexion is so marked by BMW as double kidney grille form. Xenon adaptive headlights extend to the grid. The wheels carry 18-inch carbon ceramic disc brakes. The reinforced plastic carbon fiber (CFRP) several parts of the car accumulate. The material produces a lighter weight, while maintaining strength. At the back, you will have a carbon spoiler and four exhaust rounded tails.

Dresses for luxury interior in anthracite fabric or leather. The front seats electrical performance tuned to have four lumbar support channels. The seats are all unified and side with adjustable headrests. Everyone is engraved with the logo M. The new 2017 BMW M4 is equipped with BMW iDrive and navigation, USB, Bluetooth and much more. For safety reasons, you can have a go at the knee protection, Anti-lock braking system, monitoring tire pressure, programmable DRL, etc.

The power can be around 331 kW (450 hp) and the role of the automatic replacement wheels must change the pre-drilling new dual clutch eight-speed robot. However, it is possible that the rumors confirmed and the automaker will have to wait several months until an official disclosure with all 2017 BMW M4 coupe.

BMW has not disclosed the release date. The estimated price is not far from the current 2017 BMW M4, which starts around $ 65,000 for the coupe and $ 68,000 for the convertible. The GTS model will charge at least double the cost of regular models.

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