2017 BMW i3 Concept And Rumour

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 - BMW
bmw i3 release date on 2017

The i3 is the first decision in a fully electric car BMW, and yet the end result is much better than many others out there. To keep pace with the best, the car has received a small update 2017 BMW i3. This brings us technology update and some better propulsion system; that’s all. Even if the changes are small, it is more than enough to make it even a better choice than ever. Well, the best option until the new Tesla Model 3 hits the market, at least if a higher level of luxury desired.

2017 BMW i3 has an elegant and futuristic exterior design. For type 2017, the manufacturer takes the concept to another level. Instead of near the front wheels, the electric motor is placed at the rear. Will be more space for the wheels to turn, so parking will be easier. The outside is added for integrated B-pillar futuristic headlights U-shape and length of 4 m is maintained. The body structure is made of carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum, resulting in a weight of 300 pounds lighter than its sheet Nissan competitor.

For the interior 2017 BMW i3 will have greater security and greater glass front to extend the viewing distance. The seat is covered with leather material and respectful environment. Come yellowish modern BMW with the best standard technology.

As? Well, the difference between the 2017 BMW i3 and the oldest model is the new battery pack. Buyers in the US market will have to buy a new car for the new technology. However, in Europe, for a BMW about $ 8000 price will install the new battery. This is a package of 33 kWh, nearly 50% greater than ever. The weight has increased by about 100 pounds, and size is identical to the previous generation. This will allow all-electric model to reach 114 miles of all-electric range is very good and makes it a bit more useful than ever. When it comes to recharge, have only four hours of a regular 220-volt outlet which is about an hour longer than was the case with previous 22kWh battery.

Spring 2016 will be the release date of the 2017 BMW i3. So if you are really interested in this car, you still have a few months until April to save. There are rumors that the owners of older series are allowed to buy only the extensions of the battery, but this news is not yet confirmed. It costs around € 33,000 to 35,000 €. The price of € 37,500 Chevrolet Bolt is more expensive compared to prices in 2017 BMW i3.

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