2017 BMW 320i Concept And Rumour

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 - BMW
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2017 BMW 320i is formed to be another outstanding 2017 BMW 3 Series Sedan and wagon year. Face strong competitors faced fresh competition, BMW has reacted with a series of amendments to 2017 to help maintain the existing 3 Series.

Wheels very intelligent design alloy that takes 19 inches of rubber the 2017 BMW 320i, sports leather seats (which are extremely comfortable and supportive as well) suspension is obtained, the flying grease M and flat bottom, the wonderful support, special door sill trim and an aerodynamic package, and bright exhaust pipes. Satellite Information screen and 2017 BMW 320i is not the greatest by any means, but it is very easy to use and packs a lot of information.

And yes, it is a very safe car 2017 BMW 320i, with ABS anti-lock brakes in the dynamic stability control system, which also includes the cornering braking, stability control and brake assist. You can also specify the M brakes with four special pistons and yes, of course it will cost you more in a significant of $ 1,400. Generally, there are also what BMW calls Active Protection means that if an accident is imminent and all windows sunroof closes automatically and pre-tensioning seat belt and pulls hard. There are six airbags.

Standard features on 2017 BMW 320i w/South Africa (A8) include 180hp 2.0L I-4 turbo intercooler, 8-speed automatic overdrive transmission, four-wheel antilock brakes (ABS), seat mounted airbags at the side, 1 curtain and 2nd rows of bags upstairs, driver and passenger airbag sensor knee airbag occupancy, automatic air conditioning, 17 “aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and traction control line driving, electronic stability.

With other German manufacturers, the 2017 BMW 320i list of options is long additional cost. If you have chosen package, although already the most goodies, but package will not cost you an extra $ 8,300 over the base price of $ 43,000 – $ 60,000.

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